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Sky high-prices made exchanges a target for cryptocurrency exchange hackers.Bitcoin (BTC) continues to make new highs, dragging a wide range of altcoins along with it.

The surge in bitcoin is being driven by a number of factors.The price of Bitcoin is hovering at a record high, following a surge over the weekend, while Bitcoin Cash price more or less leveled off.Though the bitcoin price is high, community members are at war with each other and economic activity is moving off bitcoin into other crypto assets.The value of Bitcoin indeed continues to rise, The situation was not separated from the high bitcoin trade surge.These factors were at play as the price of Bitcoin soared earlier in the week.

New Bitcoin All-Time High, Price Holding Above Daily Low

That includes the legalization of Bitcoin in Japan, a policy reversal in Russia from anti-cryptocurrency to pro-cryptocurrency, the trend of initial coin offerings (which must be purchased with Bitcoin or Ethereum), and more money coming into Bitcoin from institutional investors.Find all you need to know and get started with Bitcoin on

Bitcoin prices continue to break through new highs, and many see even bigger gains in its future.Over the weekend, bitcoin prices surged nearly 20% to reach a new all-time high.

Bitcoin price surges to new all time high just two days before the activation of Segregated Witness, markets appear highly optimistic.

Modeling the Future Price of Bitcoin - Is $1,000,000 Possible?

Volatility is measured in traditional markets by the Volatility Index.Using digital currency has never been so safe and easy.

After all the chaos of the past month, hodlers were rewarded Saturday with a huge surge in Bitcoin pricing.

Why Is Bitcoin's Value So Volatile? | Investopedia

Bitcoin price hits fresh all-time high - MarketWatch

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Bitcoin Price Skyrockets, Cryptocurrency Reaches New High

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