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The grading of modern coins has without question done a lot to expand the market for such coins and has it merits, but ultimately it is the coins, not the slabs or labels, that should be of prime importance to collectors and buyers.He did some vest pocket dealing in the 1970s and 1980s while pursuing a corporate career in Information Technology and Management.

If you would like a coin already graded by NGC to be reviewed for a variety, do not select a grading tier.He became a full-time rare coin dealer in 1972 and was quickly one of the major players.Get all pertinent pricing data on a specific coin and grade on one convenient page. Read more.

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Find great deals on eBay for graded coins and pcgs graded coins.He is a dealer who specializes in the branch mint issues from Carson City, Charlotte, Dahlonega and New Orleans and he has written the standard reference books on all of these subjects.In this video we look at coin grading examples and coin grading companies.Specialties: Top quality U.S. type coins, gold, silver dollars, commemoratives, and early 20th century coins.

His father ran trade paper ads in the 1950s as V.J. Dannreuther and Sons.Harry provides Auction Advocate services for clients wishing to buy or sell at auction, as well as consulting with the auction houses themselves.Jean lives in the Southern part of France in a property surrounded by olive trees and basins with carps koi.John Love has handled more Morgan and Peace dollars than anyone in the world.The perfect grade is MS-70 or Proof-70 and in many cases, they are not easy to come by.

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If your goal is to get accurate grading of your Canadian coins,.Some of the fake Chinese coins are made with our actual coin presses that the US mint used for Morgans.

Ron Gillio is prehaps the best known coin dealer in the world.

With her professionalism and solid operational experience, she manages to cope with all industry issues big and small, and guide her company and customers through the ups and downs in the coin and stamp market.Most coin collectors want to be able to look at their coins in order to determine at least an approximate grade -- which will then yield important information about.Julian consults with corporations, dealers, and collectors to build world-class collections and to promote numismatics.The number of CCCS-graded coins in the market is climbing exponentially.Missouri Coins com is a member of iCoinUSA, iCoinTrader, - Mike Orlando Coins buys and sells US coins, Silver Dollars, currency, estates,.He already knew about professional coin grading and certified coin data and decided to join a grading service so he could submit coins for grading.

He has been called as an expert witness in court cases relating to numismatics, and he is an appraiser for the Federal Trade Commission and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

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He was a Senior Vice President at a multi-billion corporation until 1995 when he founded an Internet software company.Specialties: Ching Dynasty Provincial Coins, Republic of China Gold and Silver Coins and Sycees.

Westminster Mint only recommends coins certified by the top 4 third party coin grading services.He has been a speaker at the ANA Educational Theater since 1991 and presented papers at four ANS Coinage of America Conferences.

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A severe rim nick will cause a coin not to be graded or get a bent comment.